Juror for Blogger Competition

Everyone, meet Melvin.

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ice tour

Blogger Competition with GetYourGuide – Win a 250€ Tour

I have never been a fan of set tours, but I think it’s because of a mixture between the price and the thought of being stuck in a bus all day that keeps me away. But when the price isn’t (really) an issue and there are far more interesting tours than on a bus, I’m quietly interested.

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Sail away with me Berlin

In NZ I grew up on the water, spending most of my holidays sailing to the different islands in the Hauraki Gulf and exploring. So living in Berlin I sometimes really miss the salty sea air, open ocean and water beneath my feet.

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How did you spend your Sunday

Taken: 25.03.2011

Location: Elsenbrücke

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The former Olympic Village

The former Olympic village has been calling my name for a long time now, but the winter chill managed to force me in doors and dissolve all motivation to venture outside and return its persistent call. But as all us in Berlin over the week know, the sun returned, this time bringing some decent heat with it so excuses were left behind and it was time to go.

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Wandering the ITB

Over the last two days I have been attending the ITB trade fair for work related purposes. Trade Fairs scare me little, seeing everyone hungry for business, power walking around with trolley bags; it’s like a weird mix of carnival festivities with the busy business qualities of an airport. But seeing as my main job was to take some snaps, film amazing performances, attend a conference  and consume copious amounts of free food and drink of course, it is actually fun at times.

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Etsy Labs – The perfect Monday Evening

On Monday I finally made it to an Etsy Lab to join in on an evening of screen printing workshop. It had been on my list of things to do since arriving in Berlin, but for some reason I had never made it. But I have a sneaking suspicion it has got the ball rolling and I shall now be a frequent visitor to the crafty Monday evenings.

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I can walk on water

I forgot to write about this…oops. But I am doing it now because I still think about it

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Out with the new, in with the old Valentine’s Day Cards

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A night at Moviemento with William Burroughs

Last night I finally got to tick off something that has been on my list for a wee while, I went and saw William S. Burroughs – A Man Within. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the movie, because if you have ever read a book of Burroughs you will see it is filled with the unexpected, all I knew was it would contain some crazy stuff. It didn’t disappoint.

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Let it snow

Taken: 03/02/2012

Location: Neukölln

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Black Keys – Run right back to me please

It’s nearly been a week since I saw The Black Keys live at the Arena and I’m still buzzing. They have been a band that I have wanted to see for so very long and after they cancelled on me last year (and a hand full of others around the world) I was more intent that ever to see them live.

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