The Times They Are a-Changin’

Well they are in my life anyway. Travelling the globe has slowed down and I am nearing the end of my sixth month in Berlin. Where the time went I’m not quite sure, I feel a little like someone isn’t telling me exactly everything and time moves faster now. But I have been finding it harder and harder to write about ‘travel’ type topics; so much so that you may have noticed I haven’t been writing much on here at all! I was at a loss about what to do and didn’t know why I wasn’t motivated to share my travel stories… until it hit me. It’s fun to look back and relive past stories but sometimes they do make you a little sad, even those lost passport ones, because I’m not moving around so much anymore. But I realised that I see new things every day in Berlin that surprise me, challenge me, shock me, make me happy and they are still new for me! I just have shelves to keep my clothes in instead of a backpack instead. So I want to share Berlin, through my eyes, with you!

So Travelglam is undergoing a change. I’m going to shape it more towards Berlin and the daily ups and downs that come along with living in Berlin. Hopefully I will be able to share some great new tips, a daily photo log, and let everyone know about events that are coming up and the list could go on and on. Over the next week, I will be making the changes with the blog and hopefully soon the whole look, graphics and all will be something new and exciting too! I’m excited and bursting with ideas already, which is a sign to me that this was a good idea and I am motivated again!

Stay tuned for the changes, I hope you like them, and the Berlin Dome during the festival of lights above.

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