Rugby World Cup Fever 2011

Ok, I know it isn’t everyone’s favourite sport but in my eyes it’s a bloody good one and a far sight better than soccer. I know that within 5 minutes of posting this I will receive smart talk about that comment (especially while living in Germany) but I stand by my beliefs. Rugby is not a game for the faint hearted and the players put their bodies on the line in every game. I have the feeling if I threw a ball at a soccer player to catch they would throw their arms over their head and scream ‘not the face!’ And then take ten minutes to check if their hair is still looking much better than mine ever has! Only teasing guys, but still!

All Black Haka

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Karnival der Kulturen, Berlin 2011

Known as one of the best weekends to be had in Berlin

When I think of Carnival, my mind heads straight to Brazil with colourful costumes and half naked people dancing down the street. But after what happened last weekend, my mind will now conjure up images of Berlin coming alive with summer, culture and good music. Last weekend was the ‘Karneval der Kulturen’ (Carnival of Culture) in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. It is held for four days during the Pentecost, long weekend (my favourite type of weekend) and it show cases the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin. Throughout the weekend, the street festival held craft and food stalls, stage shows, music and hands on activities for all ages. It really gets the community together and gives everyone a chance to enjoy the different cultures now living in Berlin.

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Scavenge and Haggle across the world

It is Monday and I am recovering from a minor case of sun burnt shoulders and empty wallet syndrome. On Saturday there was a massive Flea market in town and it was glorious. I have to say, Germans do “flohmakrts” very well throughout the summer. What a great way to spend a morning, rummaging through someone else’s junk to find your treasure. There are so many great flea markets throughout the world I have made a list of ones that sound great and ones I have found on my own travels.

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